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English is called the “world language“ because it is spoken and understood throughout the world. In fact, currently speaking English has become a necessity. How long have you been studying English and yet are still unable to maintain a good conversation? Speaking English is the fastest way to learn and improve the language. Our goal is to get you to speak English without fear or hesitation, and without any grammatical error. All our classes are 25 minutes private 1 -on- 1 lessons

Our teachers

Teacher Jhorene 0

About me:

Hi! I’m Jhorene and welcome to my English proficiency class. I've been teaching English for quite some time already in an online-setting basis. I love kids and I love having conversations with other people which is maybe the reason why I am into teaching right now. Let me help you improve not only your English but also your confidence and to reach your professional and academic goals. For I believe that there is nothing more efficient than being taught one on one by a credible teach. Sadly, even the best school teachers can't adjust to their lesson plans to give you the attention that you really need, but I can! Give yourself an advantage and learn with me. Because you have the need and I have the expertise.


Courses Handle:

Cambridge, Conversation Topics, Grammar, Proofreading, Speaking Practice, Accent Reduction Training



I am fond of reading good books, watching horror films and writing. I also have interest on singing or simply listening to music.

Favorite Quote:

“Life isn't about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”

Teacher Irin 0

Hi, My name is Teacher . A graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English and Literature; and taking up Masters Degree on the field of Education major in Educational Leadership. Before becoming a teacher, I have been in the field of sales in one of the biggest Telecommunications in the country. Apart from that, I had been in the BPO industry for a few months which I must say, had a huge contribution to how I improved in terms of language and communication skills. Teaching is what I love to do for some time now, It made me realized how important it is to practice on the language,particularly in English and that I want to share it to everyone who would like to acquire it. Remember, learning a language is a wonderful benefit! Not only that you could use them in travelling but on a daily conversations with your friends, colleagues even with the native speakers. Enroll now and join my classes as I help you develop mental abilities through acqug the second language. Become proficient and learn in a more fun and exciting way! See you!

Teacher Rizza 0

About me:

If you feel like you are in for some excitement and rewarding adventure in life, whatever it is that you want, learning English is the best way. Of course, it is not an easy process and it takes time and effort but with your commitment and willingness to learn we can make ways to achieve learning. I am teacher Rizza. I can help you to develop your confidence, impress people around you and improve yourself to become competitive.

Teaching Experience:

Learning does not end from what you only know, explore yourself and develop what you have learned. I will not only be a source of information and knowledge  but i will also equip you to be competent, broaden your vocabulary and  become efficient in using the second language. I also had an experienced in a BPO industry that develop my communication skills and know how to deal with different types of people I have always been grateful to contribute what I have learnt and experienced over the years. Do not hesitate to be part of us, as teacher i will bring out the best in you, help you find the courage to speak out and achieve your goals. I will be grateful to have you in my class!

Courses Handle:

Sentence Construction, Grammar, Pronunciation,

Speaking, Topic Discussion, Business English


I love to do things related to art, scrapbooking, cut-out of different shapes and card making that sometimes a big advantage to my kids especially in doing their projects in school. I am  also active in physical activities such as bicycle riding and playing volleyball.


Favorite Quote:

“Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

I was touched with what the quote mean. For me it only means that as a teacher we should not only focus ourselves on how we are going to deliver our  lesson or how we are going to teach but also we have to consider our student’s situation to get their focus.


Teacher Yanni 0

My name is Marianne but you can call me Yanni. I have been speaking the English Language since I was a child. Further working in the BPO industry for 13 years effectively honed my communication skills. I am happy helping others to learn how to understand and speak the English language just like when I taught Korean kids and Virtual Assistant trainees in the past years. Let's have fun learning English together! Come on, let's talk!









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We offer classes focused on:

Gain fluency in conversation
Improve pronunciation
Improve grammar
Business English
Preparation of job interviews
English for children
Full preparation for Cambridge and IELTS exams
Any issue that you need