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25 minutes classes. Conçu pour ceux qui ne disposent pas du temps libre. Réservez autant de classes que vous voulez presque à tout moment de la journée

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Diplômés universitaires avec une grande expérience et capacité dans l’enseignement de la langue.

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Toutes les classes sont privées, 100% adapté à votre niveau et vos besoins. Dites-nous vos objectifs et vous aider à les atteindre.

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Améliores ton anglais à partir de 2,5€ (25 minutes de classe). Sans acompte.

L’anglais est “la langue du monde” étant donné qu’il s’agit d’une langue parlée et comprise dans le monde entier. De plus, actuellement, parler anglais est devenu une nécessité. Cela fait combien de temps que tu essaies d’apprendre l’anglais mais tu es incapable de maintenir une conversation. Parler anglais est la façon la plus rapide d’apprendre et d’améliorer la langue. Notre objectif est que tu parles anglais sans peur ni doutes et sans aucune erreur grammaticale. Toutes nos classes sont privées un-à-un de 25 minutes.

Nuestros profesores

Teacher Jhorene 0

About me:

Hi! I’m Jhorene and welcome to my English proficiency class. I've been teaching English for quite some time already in an online-setting basis. I love kids and I love having conversations with other people which is maybe the reason why I am into teaching right now. Let me help you improve not only your English but also your confidence and to reach your professional and academic goals. For I believe that there is nothing more efficient than being taught one on one by a credible teach. Sadly, even the best school teachers can't adjust to their lesson plans to give you the attention that you really need, but I can! Give yourself an advantage and learn with me. Because you have the need and I have the expertise.


Courses Handle:

Cambridge, Conversation Topics, Grammar, Proofreading, Speaking Practice, Accent Reduction Training



I am fond of reading good books, watching horror films and writing. I also have interest on singing or simply listening to music.

Favorite Quote:

“Life isn't about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”

Teacher Kervin 0

Hello! Hope that you're having a great day. Did you ever think that maybe you're too young or too old to start learning English? Well, don't make excuses not to learn. This is teacher Kervin and I'm gonna help you improve your English. My skills and experience will help you improve your listening comprehension accuracy in grammar English vocabulary and self-confidence. If you haven't gotten the results you wanted yet it's not because you're bad at languages. Its because you haven't found your own special way of learning it yet and I'm willing to help you with that. So don't give up! Stay positive! Sometimes you will feel that you aren't learning quickly enough. But don't worry about it. You'll get there in the end. So enroll now! You will learn more English while we are having fun!



Conversational English, Speaking practice, Grammar, Proofreading, Accent Reduction

Teacher Irin 0

Hi, My name is Teacher . A graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English and Literature; and taking up Masters Degree on the field of Education major in Educational Leadership. Before becoming a teacher, I have been in the field of sales in one of the biggest Telecommunications in the country. Apart from that, I had been in the BPO industry for a few months which I must say, had a huge contribution to how I improved in terms of language and communication skills. Teaching is what I love to do for some time now, It made me realized how important it is to practice on the language,particularly in English and that I want to share it to everyone who would like to acquire it. Remember, learning a language is a wonderful benefit! Not only that you could use them in travelling but on a daily conversations with your friends, colleagues even with the native speakers. Enroll now and join my classes as I help you develop mental abilities through acqug the second language. Become proficient and learn in a more fun and exciting way! See you!

Teacher Luigi 0

Do you want to speak english fluently as if you've been using it your entire life? Do you want to boost your confidence while speaking english? Well I am here to help you practice your conversational skills. Learning english wouldn't be too easy but if we do it while having fun, You'll notice that you're learning and improving alot without even realizing it. There are some obstacles you'll have to overcome, but I will be with you every step of the way. It gives me satisfaction knowing that I've helped someone improve their communication skills. I love meeting new people and hearing about their culture. 

So Enroll now! and I'll Talk to you soon

"The more you learn, the more you share"

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Les classes se focalisent sur:

Avoir une conversation fluide
Améliorer la prononciation
Améliorer la grammaire
Anglais “business”
Préparation pour une entrevue de travail
Anglais pour enfant
Préparation pour les examens de Cambridge et IELTS
Tous les thèmes dont tu as besoin
les pays